Our Media Accelerator services provide four distinct, branded and niche community podcasts that are compelling, engaging and best of all informative.  Check them out and imagine your product, service and campaign profiled on one of our podcasts, featured in one of our interviews or elevated above all the social media noise on a professional and value-added platform.  In 2021, we have launched four platforms on politics, public service, technology and autism and in 2022, we will launch two more dealing with financial services and urban development. Maybe we can create your own custom platform too. Contact us today for a free consultation. 



  • The American School of Public Service podcast is a platform designed for public administrators, professional staff and stakeholders to discuss innovative and best management practices.
  • Bringing technology, innovation and startup lessons to nonpartisan career professionals from City Hall to Capitol Hill
  • Episode topics determined by public servants & their constituents ie. Leadership trends, best management practices, innovation trends, lessons learned from pilot programs, the customer experience, process improvements, bureaucratic navigational tools and how to guides
  • Invited speakers to be veteran public administrators, nonprofit leaders & change agents
  • A new episode every week
  • Private sector sponsorships available
  • See it live at www.PublicServiceSchool.com

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  • Each episode of Politics 365 is designed to facilitate civic and nonpartisan conversations with elected officials, candidates and political stakeholders.
  • Politics 365 podcasts brings elected or appointed political leaders for a more civic discourse from City Hall to Capitol Hill to discuss everything from social justice, income inequality to foreign affairs and current legislation
  • A new episode every week
  • Select sponsorships available
  • See it live at www.Politics365.com

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  • US CAN TEC podcasts bring together American and Canadian tech entrepreneurs in a robust platform custom made to their fast-paced needs.
  • We profile up & coming tech companies on both sides of the border, investment opportunities and transformational technologies
  • We are also focused on bridging the Digital Divide and want to hear from your company
  • A new post and video episode every week
  • Select sponsorships are available
  • See it live at www.USCANTEC.com

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  • Autism Spa is a passion podcast and a unique forum for special needs families, technology solutions and timely news with a relaxing outlet that offers spa-days to this deserving community.
  • Autism Spa podcasts brings together autism caregivers, doctors, entrepreneurs and innovators with timely topics, organizational profiles and tips on how to help our loved ones
  • A new post and video episode every week
  • Select sponsorships are available
  • See it live at www.AutismSpa.com

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