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Shahriar Afshar, CEO & Founder

The Afshar Group was founded by Shahriar Afshar, a career public servant, lobbyist, business developer, social entrepreneur and public affairs leader. Shahriar is an empathic servant-leader, passionate about public engagement, grassroots campaigns and making government simple, accessible and relevant to the lives of ordinary citizens. He is dedicated to public service, a lifetime well spent on advancing the public’s business with pride, honor and accountability while empowering and elevating the voices of minorities, disabled and disenfranchised communities, locally and globally. Shahriar is an innovative change agent, building public-private partnerships, streamlining bureaucratic processes, unleashing diverse A-teams and implementing progressive best management practices that get sustainable results. He is a recognized strategic communicator, dedicated to inclusiveness, collaboration, diplomacy and active listening with opposing internal stockholders & external stakeholders, while driving compelling interpersonal, public & social media messaging. 

Shahriar served in public service with the City & Port of San Diego for over 25 years, leading $500 million waterfront development projects to standing up and new departments like Development Services and Government & Civic Relations.  Shahriar has been a speaker at trade associations and countless civic groups, mainstream TV/print news media and professional organizations, including visiting dignitaries and members of the US Congress.  He was a lobbyist in Washington, DC and worked closely with several Fortune 100 companies to advance free trade and economic diplomacy and engagement such as Caterpillar, Exxonmobil & General Motors.  


Dear friends, 

I think of myself as a recovering bureaucrat, now practicing social entrepreneurship in public engagement, transformational technology and Autism awareness, while fighting food insecurity on the weekends.  After 25 years in public affairs, I was fortunate to build many lasting relationships, learn a lot of valuable lessons and I hope, had a positive impact on the lives of the people I touched and the communities I helped to build. Now as a social entrepreneur, I am committed to bridge building and helping the next generation of change agents make their mark in the world by creating a network of podcasts over the following channels. 

The American School of Public of Service is where we engage veteran public servants and learn best management practices in a nonpartisan and political free zone. www.PublicServiceSchool.com

On Politics 365, we engage political leaders, campaigns and issues that matter to you from city hall to Capitol Hill. www.Politics365.com


The US & Canadian tech space is the next big thing so on US CAN TEC, we profile change agents, transformational ideas and match startups with investors.  www.USCANTEC.com


As a special needs parent, I created a platform to help stressed out parents engage, learn & renew while featuring therapies, technologies & trends that can make a difference in their lives. www.AutismSpa.com


Every weekend since the Pandemic shut down of 2020, I run a food drive from my home. Last year, we donated over 2,000 pounds of food and raised $100,000 in matching funds for the San Diego Food Bank. The Pandemic never takes a weekend off so neither do we. You can learn more or donate at www.PandemicFoodDrive.org. 


If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, partnering, sponsoring on any of the above platforms, or taking advantage of our consulting services, please message me so we can change the world together. 


Thank you!  


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