Real Estate Development

Wilshire Terrace Apartments

We have taken a vacant lot at Wilshire Terrace & Myrtle Ave. in San Diego’s vibrant North Park community through the Community Planning Committee to the Planning Commission and City Council for discretionary approvals to build a 12-unit market/affordable housing infill development. We are managing a disciplinary team of architects, engineers & designers to solve site issues, engage city staff and respond to community stakeholders. The project is currently in the ministerial building permit process, will break ground by mid-2022 and scheduled to open for leasing by Spring of 2024. 

The Market at 43rd & Blvd Mixed Use Project

This is a vacant lot at 43rd and El Cajon Blvd. in the center of town on the community borders of Kensington-Talmadge and City Heights, on one of the most heavily traveled & highly visible commercial spots in San Diego with massive revitalization projects recently completed, under way & planned. While the long term mixed use development options are under review, we are creating a local cooperative seeking to activate the site with a simple 5×5 Community Activation Plan bringing together five unique & complementary uses in five shipping containers while building strategic partnerships with community organizations.  You can learn more at 


Advanced Intelligent Systems, Vancouver, Canada 

Working with AIS to assist with startup fundraising, opening the US marketplace and connecting with VC angel investors.

Virtual Project Manager

Supporting the business development and growth of a cloud-based project management platform for municipalities & public agencies

Nonprofit Development

Murphy’s Produce with Purpose, San Diego, CA

Building up a nonprofit startup as its Executive Director and on the Board of Directors


Natalie’s Voice, San Diego, CA 

Helping a special needs advocacy startup with its legislative mission and on the Board of Directors



Association of Iranian-American Professionals, San Diego, CA 

Helping to build up a local group into a national force and on the Board of Directors          

Iranian-American Democrats of California, San Francisco, CA

Co-founder of the Iranian-American Democrats of San Diego and with the Bay Area Iranian-American 

Democrats, Co-founder of the Iranian-American Democrats of California.