Seeking Public Affair Associates


Dear Candidates,

We are currently seeking unpaid student Public Affairs Associates to join our team, learn on the job and carve out a professional niche for themselves so they can get their dream job or continue with us under contract.  You can choose your work in a variety of client service areas namely, infill development, hitech-biotech-innovation, politics, public service, nonprofits and healthcare/autism. Incoming Associates will work on:

1. Business Development: Direct outreach to potential clients, social media marketing & leveraging existing relationships, podcast guests, Linkedin connections, etc. Typical clients are NGO’s, startups, small businesses or companies that need government/public connections, funding, resources, access & facilitation at any level (local/state/federal).  
2. Policy Briefs: Research & write executive briefs on government resources, economic development grants, immigrant/startup grants, ESG investing, new legislation, etc. We focus on funding opportunities for our clients among other priorities.  Here is a sample Policy Brief. 
3. Infill Development: Affordable housing, site activation & marketing. We are involved in several infill projects that require marketing, research & general support in leveraging all available government resources, researching land use regulations and cultivating a community-centric approach to site activation & development. 
4. Podcast Interviews: Topics, questions, guest outreach & scheduling (related to Policy Briefs). We are continuously identifying, reaching out & producing interviews with tech CEO’s, political leaders, public agency executives and thought leaders. Our podcasts further our overall mission of serving our client industries while advancing our core values in good government, public engagement, technology/policy innovation and social enterprises.  Here is more about what’s involved in the Podcast production process.
5. E-Newsletter & Website Maintenance: Updating multiple WordPress websites. We have five websites that are already set up with little to no coding required that need regular blog updates, Policy Brief uploads, Podcast uploads, etc.  We also publish a weekly E-Newsletters. 

  • The American School of Public Service podcast is a platform designed for public administrators, professional staff and stakeholders to discuss innovative and best management practices.
  • Episode topics determined by public servants & their constituents ie. Leadership trends, best management practices, innovation trends, lessons learned from pilot programs, the customer experience, process improvements, bureaucratic navigational tools and how to guides.
  • We publish Policy Briefs that explain public administration issues, legislation & opportunities that matter to our clients engaged with public agencies, promoting a product/service or are concerned about a regulatory/permitting issue that impacts their businesses. 

  • Each episode of Politics 365 is designed to facilitate civic and nonpartisan conversations with elected officials, candidates and political stakeholders.
  • Politics 365 podcasts brings elected or appointed political leaders for a more civic discourse from City Hall to Capitol Hill to discuss everything from social justice, income inequality to foreign affairs and current legislation.
  • We publish Policy Briefs that explain political issues, legislation & opportunities that matter to our clients engaged with political advocacy or are concerned about a regulatory/legislative issue that impacts their priorities. 

  • US CAN TEC podcasts bring together American and Canadian tech entrepreneurs in a robust platform custom made to their fast-paced needs.
  • We profile up & coming tech companies on both sides of the border, investment opportunities, transformational technologies and bridging the Digital Divide.
  • We publish Policy Briefs that benefit startups in the hitech, biotech and innovation spaces focusing on public issues, legislation & opportunities that matter to our clients, impact tech industries or offer an opportunity for their continued growth. 

  • Autism Spa is a passion podcast and a unique forum for special needs families, technology solutions and timely news with a relaxing outlet that offers spa-days to this deserving community.
  • Autism Spa podcasts brings together autism caregivers, doctors, entrepreneurs and innovators with timely topics, organizational profiles and tips on how to help our loved ones.
  • We publish Policy Briefs that explain trends, technologies and policies that impact the autism community, healthcare providers and families that are dealing with autism.  

  • Urban Infill Development is at the core of our practice area. We are not just advisors but investors in redeveloping communities, one block at a time. 
  • We are looking for Public Affairs Associates to help with due diligence, market research, code reviews, financial analysis and anything else required for the development process. This is an amazing learning opportunity for a Public Affairs Associate with the right mix of passion, experience and tenacity to succeed. 

Public Affairs Associates can have their own web page under and/or their podcast/website of choice, with their bios, career objectives and headshots.  When they produce Policy Briefs, it will have their name & info as the writer so they can demonstrate their subject matter expertise, list on their resume or share with other professionals. They can have a company email, write blogs or editorials, record or co-anchor podcasts, share professional content and receive full credit for their work on our Podcast platforms, in addition to taking advantage of every networking & promotional opportunity that we have to offer.

As permitted by your university or internship requirements, the Public Affairs Associate can also support our business development operations, client relations, responding to RFP’s and identifying new business opportunities as well as expanding subscriptions, advertising & partnerships for all of our Podcast platforms. 

Key Takeaways: Public Affair Associates will be provided with the following opportunities:

  1. Draft Policy Briefs on key government issues, legislation & opportunities that are directly relevant ton our client base.
  2. Learn podcast production, business development, social media entrepreneurship, (WordPress) website management.
  3. Become the Associate Producer or Contributing Editor of your chosen podcast(s) news channel with full credits
  4. Have direct input on developing the Policy Brief and Podcast content/questions and topics/speakers.
  5. Be able to publish any of your related academic work as a blog post & promote it on our Podcast network.
  6. Build your own relationships with the speakers, their staff or the organizations we interview.
  7. Receive a letter of recommendation and use our name as a referral on job applications (after 4 months).
  8. Get a personal referral to anyone in our 10,000+ personal and professional networks.
  9. If you choose, you can co-host any Podcast you have worked on.
  10. We share 25% of any subscription, sponsorship or advertising revenues that you generate while you are with us.

Please review the attached details of each of our podcast channels and if you share our vision, I hope you’ll join us.  Please email your resume & cover letter to

Thank you for your interest!

The Afshar Group