The Afshar Group specializes in helping you in three sectors: 

                                                                                Government         Technology             Nonprofits 

We understand that when you’re running a small operation, you don’t have the budget to hire a professional public affairs manager, navigate government approvals or worry about how to advance your business online or in the media. That’s why we have designed a unique public affairs advisory practice to help you turn your small operation into a major enterprise. 

And when it comes to cost, let’s make it simple. If you are a small, minority, startup or social entrepreneur, we have several monthly retainer plans that fit your budget starting at just $950 a month. We also have a 50/50 cash/stock compensation package for our tech startup clients that makes you our exclusive Client/Partner. And we routinely serve on Advisory Boards of Directors to help our social investments become sustainable enterprises.   Give us a call and let us get to work for you.


  • Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship ideas are unique in that they combine the foundations of best business practices with a desire to make a positive impact on the world.  In essence, social entrepreneurship ideas are rooted in the “Triple Bottom Line” model — going beyond the traditional measures of profits, return on investment, and shareholder value to include environmental and social dimensions: People, Planet & Profit. We want to help social entrepreneurs solve market and government failures by serving excluded and vulnerable populations and in a post-Covid 19 world, that’s more important than ever. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing the systemic inequalities of our global economic system, and threatening progress towards equality and the advancement of human rights. The UN University estimated that the economic fallout could push an estimated half a billion people into poverty and take global development progress back three decades, primarily in emerging economies. In higher income countries, stimulus packages are unlikely to reach those already excluded from the economic mainstream. Recently, the International Labour Organization (ILO) warned that the steep decline in the ability to work and operate due to the pandemic is threatening the livelihoods of 1.6 billion workers in the informal economy, almost half of the global workforce.  The pandemic has completely reshaped the economic landscape of the US and the world so there is no shortage of opportunities to help social entrepreneurs like you make the world a better place. 


  • Technology, Innovation & Startup Public Affairs  We understand that bringing technology, innovation and startup services & products to market can be an overwhelming and challenging experience, especially when it comes to coloring outside of your tech box. Our expansive global network of strategic contacts, venture capitalists and decades of public affairs experience is at your disposal, so you can concentrate on the tech while we help you navigate the bureaucracies, personalities, communications and politics that are essential to your success. 


  • Targeted Community Relations & ​Outreach We believe that targeted communities, inclusive and diverse teams and minority outreach are on the critical path for any successful public or private venture. Whether you’re an established juggernaut in your industry or a startup, our diverse team has a demonstrated track record in minority outreach on social media, mainstream media and community forums, coast to coast and across multiple cultures, platforms and public-private sectors. We specialize in diplomatic conflict resolution, balancing stockholders vs. stakeholders and creating sustainable win-win strategies. That sounds easy but it’s not. Your business needs a sustainable foundation of community support that will be there when the next unforeseen community issue comes up on the horizon. We can also help you reach out to blocks of targeted or minority audiences, customers and stakeholders that can give you that competitive edge when and where it counts.  


  • Local/State/Federal Government Affairs  ​Our leadership team has decades of government experience at the local, state and federal level, managing complex bureaucracies, permitting approvals, regulatory/legislative and advocacy ​issues. We know how to manage the dizzying maze of political issues that surround the private sector’s interaction with government jurisdictions, regulators and authorities and can create successful public-private partnerships that improve lives, empower communities and create sustainable ventures for your company. We speak ‘Bureacrateeze’ and that means we understand the language, priorities and conflicts imeded in governmental processes so we can help your request for proposals or ground-breaking ideas get the best chance for success. 


  • Media​ & Social Media​​​ Representation The media is essential in telling your story, engaging your customers and helping you to create believers that can speak for your product or service, 24/7, while you’re busy building your business. We have spent a lifetime developing, honing and crafting our media and social media expertise, delivery and messaging, all of which are available for targeted online representation, niche platform development and community outreach to promote your products or services. We practice public transparency, strategic communications and create valuable media evangelists for your ideas.  


  • ​Owner’s Representative ​​& Project Management ​We have extensive experience representing ownerships, partnerships and corporate interests in real estate transactions, development projects and permitting projects from $500 million complex public-private development projects and simple land/retail/office sale/lease deals. We also specialize in infrastructure, right-of-way and utilities projects and as your representative, we always represent, defend and advance your interests with assertive diplomacy and a clear strategy that protects your brand and resources. 


    • Online Platform Services – The Afshar Group is currently engaged in developing, promoting and broadcasting four on line products.

  • We can create unique online platforms that create and drive conversation with targeted audiences about your products and services. Depending on the topic, we can feature your sponsored products & services to specific clientele by engaging a niche but loyal audience, creating timely, original & compelling video/blog content and continuously collaborating and expanding our communities.  


  • For example, each episode of Politics 365 is designed to facilitate civic and nonpartisan conversations with elected officials, candidates and political stakeholders. 
  • The American School of Public Service is a platform designed for public administrators, professional staff and stakeholders to discuss innovative and best management practices. 
  • US-CAN-TEC brings together American and Canadian tech entrepreneurs in a robust platform custom made to their fast-paced needs. 
  • Autism Spa is a unique forum for special needs families, technology solutions and timely news with a relaxing outlet that offers spa-days to this deserving community. 


  • You can sponsor an interview, company profile or product feature video interview or blog post on any of these four platforms where we can dig in your offerings in a more thoughtful and insightful environment, continuously promoted on social media. 


  • ​Public Benefit Services Giving back is at the core of who we are and the legacy we want to leave behind. That’s why we have identified the following nonprofit, charitable and public benefit passion projects to provide pro bono services, keep our feet on the ground and build the type of communities that we want our children to thrive in. If you would like us to vest in your passion project, please drop us a line. Chances are, you’ll have us at Hello!
    • Autism Awareness 
    • Food Insecurity
    • Homelessness
    • Iranian-American ​Empowerment
    • Public Process Improvements
    • Civil Political Discourse    
    • Cultural Diversity & Inclusion​

Due to prior commitments and conflicts of interest, we cannot accept any engagements with telecommunications companies, vendors or interests. Thank you!

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