The Afshar Group’s value proposition is providing niche public affairs services and expertise designed to help you advance, accelerate and accomplish your strategic mission with government agencies, nonprofits, the media and within your industry. We understand that when you’re running a fast moving business, nonprofit or social enterprise, you may not have the budget, the time to hire a full time public affairs manager, navigate government approvals or worry about how to advance your business nonprofit, online or in the media. That’s why we have designed a unique public affairs advisory practice to help you turn your small operation into a major enterprise.

Government Relations

Understanding and accessing local, state & federal government services should not be complicated or reserved for the privileged few.  Now you’ll have the same access as they do. That’s because our Government Relations practice leverages our exceptional understanding of the governmental process by advancing your Business Development goals, creating Public-Private Partnerships, entitling your Urban Land Development projects and bridging the Digital Divide in our communities.  Government Relations is the core of our practice and perfectly aligned with our passion for Social Entrepreneurship, Media Accelerators and Thought Leadership services.

Social Entrepreneurship

We care about the world we live in. That’s why we regularly donate our time and services to make it better. Our Social Entrepreneurship practice leverages our passion for philanthropy and decades of experience with nonprofits by offering world class Nonprofit Management, Strategic Planning and Corporate Sponsorship opportunities with a special focus on helping Autism Startups deliver new technologies and therapies to families. In our spare time, we also fight food insecurity and the digital divide while advancing clean energy and sustainability projects.

Media Accelerators

The professionals in the mainstream media and citizen journalists in social media have accelerated our stories, good or bad, fair or not, and we can speak to both. That’s why our Media Accelerators practice leverages our expertise in storytelling and strategic communications in creating compelling social media messaging through our Podcasts, Niche Community Blogs and Social Media Outreach strategies, as well as direct representation with the mainstream media outlets from TV/print/cable news to the international press.

Thought Leadership

In our complex world, everyone is looking to learn from transformational ideas, inspirational leaders, change agents, disruptors and ordinary people that were able to do extraordinary things. Our Thought Leadership practice rounds out our services by engaging industry leaders to share their management philosophies, successes and lessons learned through our blogs, podcasts, webinars and events. And in doing so, we are able to create Transformational Team Building events, Organizational Development programs and Executive Leadership Trainings that put your organization on a more successful, effective and purposeful track. And in the process, it may just become a more fun and exhilarating place to work too.


Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can bring a direct and immediate positive impact to your business, nonprofit, project or campaign, today.